Do you require a down payment?

No. We don't require any down payment.

Do you charge for estimates?

No. We provide free estimates. 

Do you charge for inspections?

Yes. Inspections are at a fee. We go to all accessible areas of the home and look in likely areas of moisture intrusions like tubs, toilets, showers, laundery, sink, dishwasher, etc to see if we can find any moisture intrusions. We will also take surface moisture content readings, relative humidity readings, temperature and dew point readings. All of our equipment to get these readings are non-destructive and are calibrated prior to use to insure we get accurate readings. So if we go to a property and there is nothing for us to quote, we do charge a $150.00 inspection fee.

If we come to your property and find that there is nothing regarding mold that should or needs to be done in our professional opinion then we do charge an inspection fee.  We charge this because there is not an opportunity to win your business and we have to cover our cost to visit your property and our costs to provide a statement of conditions document that will explain why we do not believe that mold remediation is necessary.  This will be on our letterhead and is a useful negotiation tool for you

What are your payment terms?

Terms are net due at project completion. We accept cash, check and credit card.  If payment is via credit card, there is a 3.5% processing fee. 

How do you verify your mold results?

We use an independent lab that is accredited for mold mycology for our sampling.

Is The Mold Hunter licensed?

NC has no licensing requirements or an agency to administer any requirements.

I'm trying to sell my house, can you be discreet about your work?

Yes. We do not have logos on any of our vehicles to alarm neighbors or potential buyers that you may have a mold problem.