What you can expect from us.

When you contact us for a mold inspection we know in most cases that time is of the essence.  We can usually schedule your mold inspection within 2 working days from our initial contact.  Our inspection process is thorough and complete and you do not have to be present during this process, all we require is access to your home.  During the inspection we go to all accessible areas of your home and look for visible signs of mold as well as any current or previous moisture intrusions.  We will take temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and moisture content reading in these areas.  All our inspection methods are non-destructive and we do not leave anything behind.  The inspection process normally takes between 1-2 hours in your home.

Mold requires 3 elements in order to grow. 

  • First is a food source and homes have a lot of cellulose products which provide a perfect food source.
  • Secondly mold requires air to survive.
  • The last requirement is moisture.  This is the one element that is the easiest to control in your home.  There are thresholds of moisture for mold growth that we look for during the inspection process.  If either one of the following thresholds are observed during our inspection we will make you aware of the readings and the areas where we found this along with possible solutions.
    • Relative humidity ranges above 60% will support mold growth. 
    • Moisture content ranges in structures above 18% will support mold growth. 
    • We also check dew points indoors and outdoors this helps us form a better picture of what is going on in your home. 
    • Optimal temperature ranges for mold growth are 40-140 degrees F. 

Our sampling methods are termed as non-viable sampling.  The difference between viable sampling vs. non-viable sampling is that viable sampling is cultured and non-viable sampling is not cultured.  Cultured sampling takes a minimum of 14 days before results can be determined, and they are much more expensive than non-viable sampling.  Non-viable sampling is an accepted industry sampling method. 

After we receive the results from the lab we can email, fax or regular mail them to you.  After your review of the results we are always available to discuss the results and answer your questions.  Our commitment to you is that we will not discuss the results with anyone other than you unless you provide us with written authorization to do so.