Remediation process

RemediationDuring the remediation process we strive to keep you accurately informed.  We follow the most recently adopted processes for mold remediation, the S520 standard that was developed by the nations leading professionals in the field of mold.  It included professors, instructors, laboratory experts, indoor air quality professionals, and other accepted experts in the mold fields. 

Remediation processWe can develop a protocol to follow during the remediation process or you can employ the services of an industrial hygienist (IH) to develop a protocol for us to follow.  Any deviations from the protocol are discussed with you prior to this happening.  We own and maintain all our equipment used in the remediation process.  This should be important to you because you are assured that this equipment is meticulously cleaned by our employees after every remediation project to be sure that we do not bring any contaminants from previous jobs into your home, instead of trusting untrained rental company employees with such an important task. 

remediation process4Before we begin any remediation project, we will contain the affected area using accepted methods for containment.  This keeps the rest of your home from being cross contaminated and we make every effort to maintain this throughout the remediation process. After containment is established, we will place the contained area under negative pressure using a negative air machine.  The area will stay under negative pressure until remediation is complete