Crawlspace moisture solutions can be very confusing.  We make it simple and affordable for you.  If you have a damp crawlspace here are a few things you should be concerned about.  First, there are thresholds for mold growth to occur.

  • Any relative sustained humidity above 60% will support mold growth. 
  • Any moisture contents above 18% will support mold growth. 
  • Even more importantly in your crawlspace though are sustained moisture content levels above 20% will rot wooden members.

Foundation VentsWith our normal inspections services we will provide you with a complete moisture analysis of your crawlspace.  Most crawlspaces today have several obstacles that provide an environment that is suitable for mold growth. 

  • Usually the foundation venting is inadequate.  Most homes don’t have any foundation vents along the garage end of the home and many don’t have foundation vents in the front of the house, in particular the porch area.  When these problems occur there just isn’t enough ventilation to keep your crawlspace dry enough to prevent mold growth and rot. 
  • The next problem we commonly see is that the HVAC system and ducting from this bisect the crawlspace and block good ventilation, even if the venting is adequate.  In most cases we can correct these issues much cheaper than you can have more foundation vents cut into your home or to relocate your HVAC system and thLawn Sprinklere ducting from it.
  • Need to make sure that all gutters are clear and that all downspouts are discharging at least 6-10 feet away from the foundation walls. This alone will solve the majority of surface water intrusions into crawlspace. We do offer waterproofing solutions for crawlspaces that includes french drains and sump pumps inside the crawlspace.